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How do I get an education in Great Britain?

In Great Britain there are no tests for language literacy as such. The assessment of proficiency is primarily your ability to make sense of what you read. Without much experience, it is difficult to count on such a grade. If you pass your English test, you may qualify for a scholarship. You will find out about scholarship availability on a very individual basis. Be aware, however, that some university departments require an examination in mathematics for admission. In order to receive a scholarship, you must take an English exam.

To enter a university in Great Britain you need to pass English tests. So, the English state allocates to finance students people who speak and read at a level sufficient to read and write in writing. In this case, you automatically fall into the category of foreigners. But if you speak your native language, but did not pass a sufficient degree, then such people are not taken and they have to enter institutions that accept the language exams on the first try. And there are quite a lot of such institutions.

To become a student in Britain you need to pass the university exam, after which you get to the course. In Russia you need to know English quite well. Therefore it is best to take courses for admission to university. You can also hire tutors or just study on your own. As for employment, if you know English well, you can get a job or you can be hired for a position which requires a person who knows English well. So it is of course up to you to decide. Good luck!

To study in England you need to know the language well, to enter a university program you need to pass exams. If you have passed your exams, you can enter. But you need to know English at least at a good level. How long do you think you need to learn the language before you pass a good level? It depends on what you are going to study in England for. Look at how long it takes to pass the exams and choose a period that suits you.

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